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At our core, we strive to empower businesses and users with cutting-edge machine vision technology, driving a clearer future, enabling individuals to better perceive, experience, and comprehend the world around them.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of machine vision technology to every industry and user, unlocking new insights and experiences that were once out of reach.

Video Enhancement Features

Our AI can enhance low and high-quality video inputs up to 2k, restoring detail, deblurring, denoising, relighting, recoloring, harmonizing, and upscaling the input.

We go above and beyond the standard of x2-x4 upscaling technology, with our Artificial Intelligence capable of delivering x2-x8 while working with our other image enhancement AI.

Image Enhancement Features

original photo enhanced photo

Our AI can enhance low and high-quality images up to 4k, restoring detail, deblurring, denoising, relighting, recoloring, harmonizing, underwater enhancement, and upscaling input.

Our Machine Intelligence focuses on high fidelity to input, meaning there is no generative technology used, only restorative and transformative-based, allowing for practical end uses in legal, medical, communications, manufacturing, among many other end uses.

Image Enhancement Features

original photo enhanced photo

Designed to excel and enable forensic investigations and legal applications, our AI algorithms meticulously restore and refine images, unveiling intricate details that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

While our technology finds its roots in the legal realm, its applications extend to many real-world scenarios. Enhance surveillance footage, improve document readability, or elevate visuals for presentations and marketing materials. Our image enhancement solutions empower organizations across industries to extract maximum value from visual inputs, enabling deeper analysis and informed decision-making.

Our advanced visual enhancement technology finds applications across a multitude of industries. Medical professionals unlock new dimensions in diagnostics, leveraging enhanced visuals for accurate assessments. Insurance claim analyzation becomes more efficient as our technology enhances critical images and streamlines decision-making processes. Security monitoring systems benefit from improved visuals, heightening threat detection capabilities. Legal and investigative professionals rely on our technology to enhance visual evidence, enabling precise analysis and stronger case building. Communications, media, and photography industries witness elevated visuals, capturing attention and delivering impactful messages. Marketing efforts gain an edge with visually compelling imagery. Manufacturing processes optimize quality assurance through enhanced monitoring and analysis. These industries, and many more, benefit from the transformative power of our image enhancement and analysis technology.

Experience the future of visual enhancement and analysis and witness the remarkable transformation of your images and videos. With our image enhancement technology, clarity, precision, and detail converge, ensuring that every crucial piece of information stands out, empowering professionals to uncover valuable insights.

Image Enhancement Features

Working in hand with legal professionals, our motion tracking software utilizes machine vision and deep learning to allow for vastly greater insight regarding case handling and demonstrative digital evidence. Our detector works with any background, indoors or outdoors and can detect people, objects, and additional objects for perimeter tracking.

Image & Video Enhancement

Utilizing state of the art artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques we reconstruct high-resolution videos from low resolution ones, and can enhance or restore details in up to 4k. Our software enables restoration and improvement, artifact elimination to enable interpretation and remove doubt through visual clarity.

Object and Event Detection

Working in hand with legal professionals, our motion tracking software utilizes machine vision and deep learning to allow for vastly greater insight, and includes a number of tools such as object extraction or removal to enable visual analysis.


Using advanced AI modeling we can isolate a person from their respective background for tracking, or inversely insert them harmoniously into any environment. This allows interface with meta for utilization in environments we are designing and creating for training and real time engagement.

Image & Video analysis

Object extraction, facial recognition, depth measurement, image segmentation, text recognition & extraction are all methods we develop for pragmatic and ethical end use.

Current Features:

Deblur Denoise Upscale Relight

In development:

Underwater Enhance Environment Denoise (Rain, Snow, Fog, Shadow, Glare)

Because of our technology's enhancement accuracy & fidelity there are myriad end uses from enhancing video or image based satellite or streaming communications, legal & text analysis, security, general entertainment medical and manufacturing, among many others.

Predictive Utility:

While our artificial intelligence and tools developed at Predictive Equations began as legal oriented software, we have found the combination of enhancement and recognition can enable powerful end use for a variety of industries, as we combine machine vision techniques with deep learning algorithmic modeling to allow for greater fidelity and insight regarding image and video data.


A scholastic based online community focused on martial arts, networking and technology. Operating across multiple platforms and based on Discord, the community serves to assist research and tool generation for martial artists and stakeholders interested in the remote AR/VR fighting community. The community focuses on exploring history and technology related to it. Our company is an offshoot of its members wishing to practice and train remotely, and leveraging our skill sets toward creating ethical technology, with member submitted content used to build and train our AI. The community also archives works related to martial arts, history and technology, with a wiki being community developed.

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