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Predictive Equations: A Commitment to Ethical Technology, Fair Justice, Sustainability, and Accessibility.

Pledging to Ethical Tech, Equitable Justice, Sustainability, and Accessibility with Predictive Equations.

We are committed to the development of Ethical technology.

This entails protecting your data, building our models using datasets containing data we have been given express permission to use. The tools and technology we build will have this focus paramount, guiding the architecture, datasets, development and implementation of our AI and other technology, and limiting exposure of the technology to parties and organizations that may seek to weaponize or use it to induce harm, especially at scale. We are also committed to processing images that others have express rights to do so with, following fair standards use and practices to respect IP and licensing.

Our dedication lies in the ethical utilization of the technology we create and cultivate.

We wholeheartedly commit to adhering to the laws, codes, and regulations of both the USA and the EU. In conducting our business operations, we unwaveringly uphold the principles of free and fair competition. Our strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations is at the core of our commitment. We make every effort to limit our technology exposure to parties that could abuse or make ill use of it to the harm of others. The goal of high fidelity focused technology ranges from legal end use, in balancing the scales by removing the impact of low quality visual evidence, to impacts in security and healthcare. As a company we are well aware that other entities may seek to use our technology for end uses that go against our mission of benefit for shareholders and stakeholders, and broader global community, of justice, health and security. We are committed to not allowing external parties to abuse our technology for end uses going against our values.

Fair Judicial / Justice Representation of Evidence & Limit mass incarceration.

Our technology is being developed with high fidelity, as we respect that justice should be blind and unbiased. Our technology operates at the micro level to affect the macro using feature matching and context awareness, but ultimately this only enhances the underlying data.

We believe everyone has a right to a fair trial in the sense of adequate representation, and evidence submitted should be the highest quality possible, as the lower the quality, the more this favors one party over the other. We make a verdict on the guilt or innocence of any party seeking to use our technology, only in the realistic impact using it might have on adversely affecting a given group or location. Such as selling to authoritarian countries, which would use it to justify mass incarceration or tracking, when our goal is single to help improve the existing judicial system to justice can be rendered fairly.

Too many go to jail or receive disfavorable judicial verdicts because their case hinged on low quality evidence that the very nature of made difficult to contest.

We Are Committed to Green Initiatives.

Because AI can be extremely intensive on the level of technologies like Blockchain, it is a core component guiding our technology that we aim to reduce the environmental impact. While we seek to create a powerful assembly of hardware to run our AI, our intent is to in time, with funding and business efforts connect our hardware to solar arrays to ensure we are always giving more than we are taking.

We are committed to AI Accessibility.

Too many AI models are developed requiring years of specialization in coding by members to even partially make use of the AI that are constantly being developed whether by academic communities or private. We Are Committed to Developing and Delivering state of the art AI for consumers to easily access for their own goals, without the coding and programming expertise and specialization.

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