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We Are Predictive Equations

We are developing this technology not only because we believe non technical users should have access to the benefits of general AI technology, but also because we believe the social benefits could be profound from enabling exonerations for the innocent to advancing medical research relying on machine vision technology.

Our focus is on the ethical development of technology and artificial intelligence. What this means is our enhancement technology uses non generative based technology- ensuring high accuracy and fidelity to ground truth.

Our training and data collection is opt in, and ensures removal of bias for analysis based AI.

It is our belief in building this technology that in making now more clear, in enabling justice, health and clarity of truth and access to this technology, we are building a better tomorrow.

Alexander Borschel

Alexander Borschel Alexander Borschel Hover

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Borschel Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Background in cybersecurity and Machine Learning -USA/Israel.

Nurit Maatuk

Nurit Maatuk Nurit Maatuk Hover

Co-Founder, Chief Financial & Legal Advisor

Nurit Maatok - CFO & Legal Advisor - Fundraising, operations, criminal and tort law. -Israel.

Sean Stonehart

Sean Stonehart Sean Stonehart Hover

Community Director

Sean Stonehart - Head of Community Development - Training Data Generation Management- USA.

David Sedgwick

David Sedgwick David Sedgwick Hover

Head Developer

David Sedgwick - Chief Information Officer - Infrastructure, Security & Software Development - USA.

Miran Dvir

Miran Dvir Miran Dvir Hover

Engineering & Cloud

Miran Dvir - Director Hardware Engineering - Lead Hardware & AWS Development - Israel.

Hugo Bermudez

Hugo Bermudez Hugo Bermudez Hover

Business Development & Strategy

Hugo Bermudez - Leads Business Development, Channel Partnerships, Sales & Strategy - USA.

Pankaj Thakur

Pankaj Thakur Pankaj Thakur Hover

Chief Marketing Officer

Pankaj Thakur - Head PR & Brand, Digital Advertising, Analytics, Outreach & Product Marketing, - France.

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We are proud to partner with other technology providers, social-focused organizations and non-profits, and large and small law firms and legal practices.

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